Pam Garringer


"I trust Pam with my hair more than anyone else who has ever cut it. Looks great, feels great, every time -- and this is coming from someone who had a traumatic experience in 2nd grade when a stylist (the polar opposite of Pam) -- gave me a bowl cut and called me a little dutch boy. Every time Pam cuts my hair, it's the opposite of that occasion! She's great! After she cut my hair the first time, I started getting my haircut every few weeks instead of once or twice a year." - Mark Pfeffer

A Few Things About Pam

  • Has Exotic Pets

Certifications and Specialties

  • Communications and Marketing Degree
  • Licensed Cosmetologist Since 2011
  • Men’s Haircuts
  • Men’s Gray Blending

Service Prices

  • Haircut - $ 43

Tuesday - Thursday

3pm - 8pm

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